$5 Off Corpus Bazaar Coupon Offer!


Corpus MoneyDuring Corpus Illuminata, visit the Corpus Bazaar featuring local collectors selling medical-related antiquities, merchandise and oddities!

With your paid admission, you will receive a ticket worth $5 off a single purchase of $25 or more good at any of our bazaa merchant booths!

The fine Corpus merchants are:

  • 9 Designs Emporium – Deliciously fragrant scented candles and incense
  • Crafty Darling Detroit – Odd vintage & handmade anatomy & oddity themed florals, woodcuts & more
  • Dead Society Antiques & Oddities – Funeral home antiques
  • Divine Iguana – Found Object Jewelry & notecards featuring vintage anatomic & oddity images
  • House Of Sighs – Vintage medical papers and jewelry made of medical ephemera, beetle wings and antique lace
  • ManiacalMedical – Purveyors of antiques and oddities
  • Motor City Bonsai – Baby bonsais, ceramic arts & dream catchers
  • Open Casket Bar & Grill – Caskets formed into grills that take BBQs & tailgating to new levels of fun
  • Painted Lady Trashions – Specimen jewelry, human bones, specimens, creepy goodies!
  • Screamshaw Jewelry – Modern morbid vintage artforms from natural bone material
  • Tooth & Nail – Jawbone/vertebra jewelry, pin-up anatomic pieces, skulls & vintage anatomy models
  • Zachariah Messiah – Taxidermy Tarantulas, paper mache skulls & minature coffin boxes