Our gratitudes…


Numerous amazing people were involved to make Corpus Illuminata IV the spectacular event that is was.

Deep gratitude goes to the amazing artists who made this event quite a visible feast for the eyes: A. Owen Layne, Alex Gilford, Allison Gardiner, Alona Lysa, Ashley Marnich, B.P. LeGault, Billie Kirk, Bostik Johnson, Bri Murphy, Brian Weirdartist Lewandowski, Candace Couse, Cee Jay “Inky” Jones, Charles Alexander, Cheryl Phillips, Christopher Gideon, Crystal Mielcarek, David Seth Smith, DeEtta, Diane Irby, Eric Toth, Erin Elizadeath, Eugene Clark, Francsco D, Gigi Le, Holly Hock, Hunter Stamps, Iris Eaton, Jack O. Summers, James Xavier Barbour, Jason Passeno, Joe Culver, John W. Thompson, Joshua Whitehead, Katherine Montalto, Lara Alami, Lindsey Harnish, Madeleine Crawford, Maria Osuna, Maureen Shockey, Michael Gallup, Nicholas R. Wilson, Paolo Pedini, Paula Marie Deubel, Ren Fracture, Samantha Russell, Shayne Davidson, Sophia Fenby, Stella Rothe, Susannah Griggs, Thomas Pyrzewski, Tina Gilbert and William Haney

Special thanks goes to the wonderful merchants who made the bazaar a festive success: 9 Designs Emporium, Crafty Darling Detroit, Dead Society Antiques & Oddities, The Divine Iguana, House Of Sighs, ManiacalMedical, The Moon Recedes, Motor City Bonsai, Open Casket Bar & Grill, Painted Lady Trashions, Screamshaw Jewelry, Tooth & Nail and Zachariah Messiah

Great praise goes to our wonderful presenters Laurel Miller, Lianna Trimble, Dr Jaime Hall and Dr Michael Dymond for their intriguing and entertaining discussions!

And of course, we could not do this at all without our most generous crew and helpers: Adam Layne, Andrew Vetting, B.p. LeGault, Eric Toth, Eston Clark, Kelly Doyle, Lindsey Godlove Harnish, Mike Nosrehpcm, Mikol Kjälleb Guérison, Rigger Lucas, Shekinah Kainesh and Tirchian Reckinger

And last but definitely not least, an ample bow to all who attended to make Corpus Illuminata IV truly a spectacular event! It is your presence and positive reviews that drive us to build an even greater exposition year after year.

An official gallery of the festivities is in the works. Please stay tuned and we hope to see you all at Corpus Illuminata V in 2015!