Our sincerest gratitudes…


Numerous amazing people were involved to make Corpus Illuminata V the spectacular event that is was.

Deep gratitude goes to all the amazing artists who made this event quite a visible feast for the eyes: A Owen Layne, Aleks7, Alona Lysa, Ana B Galano, Andie Wolf, Angela Galea, Annie Tanalski, Ash Marnich, Aviva Alter, Becky Munich, Bri Murphy, Brian Weirdartist Lewandowski, Brooke Ellis, Candy Draper, Carrie Lazorishchak, Cheryl M Phillips, Chris Naglik, Craig LaRotonda, D A Shumate, Daniel Breslin, David Feingold, Douglas Malone, DVS, Fayaz, Francisco D, Gabrielle Pescador, Genevieve, Gregory James Wyrick, Holly Hock, Irene LaVon Walker, Jack O Summers, Jason Passeno, Jeffrey Bowman, Jennifer Grace, Joel Howell, John W Thompson, Joslynn Roose, Kaitlin Beckett, Karianne Hollowell, Kelly Dattilo, Kia Ix Arriaga, Kristen T Woodward, La Mona, Laura Wartel, Laurel Shada, Lauren Gaunt, Lauren Johnson, Linden, Mandiblez, Mariel Collins, Megan Canning, Michael K Gallup, Michael Reedy, Monika Viktoria, Monique K Given, Nichole Dvila, Nicole Trimble, Nitasha Deogun, Paula Marie Deubel, PAZ, Rachael Jones, Samantha DiRosa, Sarah Dolezal, Sarah Mattingly, Shanta Ambady, Sierra Onickel, Stefania Russo, Stella Isis Rothe, Stephan Webb, Tina R Gilbert, Trissa Tilson and Viktor Koen

Special thanks goes to the amazing merchants who made the bazaar a festive success: 9 Designs Emporium, Crafty Darling Detroit, Creature Creations, Field of Echoes, Helios Gallery, Michigan Mortuary Museum, Painted Lady Trashions, Poking Dead Things, Stella Rothe and Zachariah Messiah

Great praise goes to our wonderful presenters and their always intriguing presentations: Laurel Miller, Lianna Trimble and Nitasha Deogun

Of course, we could not do this at all without our most generous crew and helpers: Andrew Vetting, Doxie Kaltz, Eric Toth, Erron Reed, Gretch Armstrong, Hayley Cody, Jojo Smedo, Linden Godlove, Michael Lackey and Molly Marden

Also, much love and respect goes out to the staff of Tangent Gallery who graciously host and provide amazing service to us each year!

And finally, we cannot express the honor it was to host and experience the lecture and intimate performance of Jill Tracy!

And last but definitely not least, an ample bow to all who attended to make Corpus Illuminata V truly a spectacular event! It is your presence and positive reviews that drive us to build an even greater exposition year after year.

An official gallery of the festivities is in the works. Please stay tuned and we hope to see you all at Corpus Illuminata VI in 2016!