The 2015 Presentation Schedule has been released!


We are quite proud to present to you the 2015 presentations for the 5th annual Corpus Illuminata exposition!

=== 2015 Special Guest ===

11pm (Friday Only) – Whispers Behind Glass: After Dark in the Mutter Museum

“Skeleton” – Photo by Farika

“Skeleton” by Farika

Special guest singer/pianist/composer/storyteller Jill Tracy will present the music she composed alone at night inside Philadelphia’s famed Mutter Museum, the nation’s foremost collection of medical oddities.  She will share spellbinding tales including Harry Eastlack (The Ossified Man), renowned Siamese Twins Chang and Eng, The Mermaid Baby, and eccentric laryngologist Chevalier Jackson.

11pm (Saturday Only) – A rare and intimate solo performance by Jill Tracy

“Jill Tracy composing inside the Mutter Museum” – Photo by Evi Numen

“Jill Tracy composing inside the Mutter Museum” by Evi Numen

Corpus Illuminata is honored to present a rare solo performance by Jill Tracy (San Francisco) amidst the gallery of anatomic/medical-inspired artwork.  Since 1995, Jill Tracy has garnered multiple awards and a passionate following for her eerie and beautiful cinematic music, sophisticated lyrics, old-world glamour, and curious passion for strange tales.  She has been hailed by the LA Weekly as the “cult darling of the Underworld,” and San Francisco Chronicle has named her the “femme fatale for the thinking man.”  With six albums to her credit, her dark seductive music has appeared on CBS, NBC, PBS, numerous independent and feature films, and was used by Showtime as the “Final Requiem” to promote the wildly anticipated last season of Dexter.

=== 2015 Presentations ===

8pm (Both Nights) – Placenta Talk: A discussion of the placenta, its functions and its consumption during the postpartum period.
Presented by Laurel Miller (Placenta Encapsulator since 2012, Founder of Michigan Placenta Encapsulators)

9pm (Friday Only) – The Art of Healing: A discussion on the intersections of art, healing and medicine using examples from historical and contemporary artists.
Presented by Nitasha Deogun (Detroit Museum of Healing)

9pm (Saturday Only) – TBD

10pm (Both Nights) – Snake Oil and Charlatans: A Brief History of Patent Nostrums and Clever Peddlers
Presented by Lianna Trimble (Artist & Student of Historical Science & Medicine, Oakland Community College)

We look forward to your attendance.