=== 2016 Special Guest ===

11pm (Friday Only) – “In the Footsteps of Spirits”

Join composer, storyteller, and sonic archeologist Jill Tracy as she reveals her investigations into one of the most haunted locations in the country, San Francisco’s early military post, The Presidio (founded 1776). She will present first-hand spirit accounts and rare historical photos inside the now-demolished Letterman Hospital, the abandoned Psychiatric Ward, forgotten attics, and secret cemeteries. Sightings of ghostly soldiers and shadowy souls, looking for lost loves, and lost limbs.

11pm (Saturday Only) – A rare and intimate solo performance by Jill Tracy

Jil Tracy Photo6Corpus Illuminata is honored to present a rare solo performance by Jill Tracy (San Francisco) amidst the gallery of anatomic/medical-inspired artwork.  Since 1995, Jill Tracy has garnered multiple awards and a passionate following for her eerie and beautiful cinematic music, sophisticated lyrics, old-world glamour, and curious passion for strange tales.  She has been hailed by the LA Weekly as the “cult darling of the Underworld,” and San Francisco Chronicle has named her the “femme fatale for the thinking man.”  With six albums to her credit, her dark seductive music has appeared on CBS, NBC, PBS, numerous independent and feature films, and was used by Showtime as the “Final Requiem” to promote the wildly anticipated last season of Dexter.

=== 2016 Presentations – Both Nights ===

8pm – “Wunder-kammern” (Cabinets of Wonders): the Evolution of Medical Museums
Presented by Nitasha Deogun (Detroit Museum of Healing)

9pm – Placenta: ‘The Tree of Life’ – A lecture on the function and anatomy of the placenta and it’s use during the postpartum period across different cultures.
Presented by Laurel Miller (Founder of Michigan Placenta Encapsulators)

10pm – “True Romance: An Anatomical Affair Between Art and Science”
Presented by Lianna Trimble (Artist & Student of Historical Science & Medicine, Oakland Community College)

We look forward to your attendance.